RIIZE’s Appearance At The “2023 MAMA Awards” Met With Criticism

“They are not a visual group…”

Netizens had mixed reactions to RIIZE’s MAMA outfits.

RIIZE | Korea Times

On November 28, RIIZE made their debut at the 2023 MAMA Awards‘ red carpet. As much as it was the group’s first outing at one of K-Pop’s biggest award shows, many fans were excited to see the group.

The group members were dressed to the nines in Louis Vuitton. Each member wore the designer brand’s latest offerings in their own unique styles, ranging from casual to more formal silhouettes.


Despite the group stylist’s best intentions, Korean netizens were left largely unimpressed. Many fans criticized the group’s stylist, with many stating that the outfit choices were tacky and directionless.

  • “What is wrong with their clothes?”
  • “If you’re going to dress them in that mess, just have them wear suits.”
  • “They should have just dressed them in suits.”
  • “I was shocked to see their outfits, but I guess I am not the only one.”
  • “I mean, if the outfits are going to be so uncoordinated, at least give them clothes that fit them…”
  • “Whatiswrongwiththeirclothes?”
  • “It’s disappointing that even with Wonbin, they are not a visual group.”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t all bad for the group as RIIZE took home the award for Favorite New Artist. You can watch them win in the link below.

Source: theqoo