RIIZE’s Anton Doesn’t Bow To His Senior Artist — But There’s A Hilarious Plot Twist

“He’s so unserious!” 😂

It is customary for junior idols to bow to their senior artists (sunbaenims) as it’s a sign of respect.

RIIZE‘s Anton has made netizens LOL after not bowing to his senior artist, and the reason it’s so funny is because of a hilarious plot twist.

RIIZE’s Anton | @riize_official/Instagram

On January 15, RIIZE shared a new video with behind-the-scenes footage from their end-of-year performances.

During the video, a senior artist made an appearance.

The senior artist who actually made a cameo in the video was none other than legendary singer and producer Yoon Sang, who happens to be Anton’s dad.

Yoon Sang and Anton | Newsen

On December 31, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Anton and his dad had a special collaboration stage at the 2023 MBC Music Festival. During the performance, they both showcased their unreal talent.


In the vlog, it showed Anton and his dad trying to film a TikTok video.

It was absolutely adorable watching the two film and Yoon Sang’s reactions when watching himself and asking if it was okay.


After filming, all the RIIZE members greeted Yoon Sang officially with their greetings and bowed to him.

Netizens couldn’t hide their laughter when they saw that instead of bowing, Anton just did a little dance in front of his dad.

When the video was posted, while some joked about Anton’s “manners” towards his senior idol, others just loved how unserious he was being. While the rest of the members showed respect to a senior artist, Anton was just living his best life with his dad.

As always, netizens love interactions between Anton and Yoon Sang, and hopefully, they will continue to be treated to them in the future.

Source: RIIZE