She Gave Him Louis Vuitton Shoes — RIIZE Anton’s Surprising Friendship With Top Star IU

She even followed him on Instagram.

RIIZE’s Anton is recently gaining attention for his surprisingly connections to the entertainment world, even pre-debut.

Anton pre-debut. | Nate Pann

Of course, being born to producer and singer Yoon Sang already gives him an edge in this aspect. But who knew that he had his own friendships with celebrities? Fans discovered previous posts from his now-deleted personal Instagram.

He had once posted a photo of shiny new Louis Vuitton kicks, along with a note of thanks. What caught they eye of many was the casual hashtag, “#IU.”

Anton’s now-deleted post. | Nate Pann

IU even left a comment on the post, showing off their close friendship.

  • Anton: Walking up to the very top of Namsan just to eat a hamburger. Thanks for the shoes, IU noona.
  • IU: What’s up with that screenshot…

While the screenshot in question could not be located online, Anton had also posted a gorgeous view from the top of Namsan. It is likely that IU treated him to a delicious meal at a restaurant on top of the hill!

Dining at the top of Namsan would’ve been expensive. Not only did IU gift him with shoes and maybe a pricey burger, she also confirmed their close relationship by following him on Instagram. As IU follows only a little over a hundred people, giving him a follow truly indicates their friendship.

IU’s following with Anton in it. | Nate Pann

Their friendship is unsurprising to fans of IU, as Yoon Sang and IU are known to have a close relationship. IU often referred to him as her “father” even! Yoon Sang also gifted her the song “Only I Didn’t Know,” which was crucial in skyrocketing her to fame.

IU and Yoon Sang. | Nate Pann

Anton and IU have a 10-year age gap between them, making this the cutest sister-brother relationship ever!

Source: Nate Pann