RIIZE Anton’s Misunderstanding of A Fan Question Reveals A Brand New Detail

It was a hilarious misunderstanding!

Sometimes someone can give a different answer than expected, but that doesn’t mean they’re incorrect. This is exactly what happened to a fan and RIIZE during the SM Store Fansign event on September 17.

RIIZE | @riize_official/Instagram

A lucky Korean fan shared her memorable experience with the boy group, particularly member Anton, after she was able to meet them in person. Their interaction started with a simple question about his birthmarks.

Fan (@sum9l3): I noticed that you have two birthmarks on your left ear. When you got your piercings, was it your intention to not pierce through those marks?

Anton: No, I got my piercings. And then I realized that’s how it turned out. I didn’t even know until I got the piercings done.


The actual misunderstanding happened due to her next question: she asked him if he could pick a certain quote that he tries to live by.

I see. And do you have a life motto?

— @sum9l3

The idol mistakenly thought that she had asked him for his “conception dream” (태몽, taemong) but she actually wanted to know his motto ( 좌우명, jwa-woo-myung). The former refers to a Korean tradition of believing that some dreams “foretell the conception or birth of a child” usually in the form of themes or symbols.

Oh, I… I was a baby tiger…like a white baby tiger?

— Anton

In Anton’s case, his mother dreamt of baby white tiger when she was pregnant with him. The appearance of tigers often hints at the conception of boys and suggest that they will exhibit great leadership qualities in the future.

The manager of RIIZE stepped in after hearing his answer that seemed to have come out of left field. He translated the fan’s question, explaining that she was asking him for his life’s motto and nothing related to his birth.

What about a baby tiger? She’s asking you for your ‘motto.’

— RIIZE’s manager

Hilariously, Anton still did not seem to understand despite the explanation, repeating his answer. The fan clarified if his motto in life was indeed just “tiger” and the K-Pop idol agreed!

Anton: Yeah, a white… baby tiger…

Fan (@sum9l3): A baekho [tiger]?

Anton: Right. A baekho.

Fan: Your motto is…a white baby tiger?

It may not have been the answer this fan in particular expected, but it was still an interesting new piece of information for the fandom!

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