Here Are The Most Common Korean “Conception Dream” Themes — And Your Favorite K-Pop Idols Who Came From Them

From great dreams come great babies.

The Korean belief in taemong-s, or “conception dreams”, go far back. Though without any scientific support, these taemongs are reported to happen to many Korean mothers-to-be and/or their happily expecting families.

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These Korean conception dreams, or “dreams that foretell the conception or birth of a child“, are said to be extremely vivid. And these taemongs usually share similar themes and symbols. The person dreaming will likely come across a symbol — something that stands out from the dream. It is said that the “clearer” and “more prominent” these symbols are, the higher the chance the dream is a conception dream.

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The most popular symbol may be living creatures, ranging from dragons to fish. The appearance of dragons tends to hint at the conception of boys, like in the dream that BTS V‘s parents had. In V’s conception dream, V’s father played pool with a dragon — and when he won the dragon’s magical stone as a prize, he knew it was no ordinary dream.

The appearance of tigers can hint at the conception of boys too. Tiger-themed conception dreams also specifically suggest great leadership to be found in the conceived baby’s future. With that said, it only makes sense that EXO Xiumin‘s parents dreamt of six tigers racing to the top of Baekdu Mountain!

Other “popular” conception dream animals include snakes, birds, and pigs. Some marine life can also be symbols of conception dreams. ASTRO MJ‘s mother saw a giant whale in the middle of the ocean, blowing water out, staring into her eyes — and she knew she had been blessed with a baby.

On the other hand, flowers, fruits, and vegetables are common conception dream symbols for girls. Red Velvet Irene‘s mother had a dream in which she walked on to a field of green chili plants, with a bunch of peppers hanging for harvest…

… while MAMAMOO Wheein‘s mother dreamt of magnolia flowers. In this dream, Wheein’s mother came across a woman holding a magnolia flower between her lips. This extraordinary imagery later became Wheein’s tattoo as well as the art for the cover of her solo album too.

In Suzy‘s conception dream, her mother had a silver dragon fly right into her arms — with its mouth full of colorful flowers! With obvious symbols like the dragon with flowers, this dream screamed taemong — and Suzy’s mom could tell this would be one amazing child.

Like so, these conception dreams often manifest themselves with strange, out-of-the-ordinary vibes. The person having the taemong can easily recognize it as one after waking from the dream. Again, there is no solid proof that taemongs are “real”, but nonetheless, Koreans love guessing the baby’s gender and future based on these mythical foretelling dreams!

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