Netizens Are Furious After RIIZE’s Anton Has To Respond To An “Inappropriate” Marriage Proposal Sign

“Some of you are so embarrassing…”

Netizens have praised RIIZE‘s Anton for his response to an “inappropriate” sign at a recent show.

RIIZE’s Anton | @riize_official/Instagram

Since debuting, despite being young, Anton has showcased immense talent and charisma on stage, winning the hearts of fans worldwide.

Sadly, even though Anton is very young, the idol is not exempt from inappropriate signs at concerts. On X, a video circulated showing a sign being shown to RIIZE’s Anton that read, “Anton daddy, marry me.”

After reading the sign, the idol looked serious as he shook his head at the proposal from the fan.

When the video was posted online, it was met with a huge range of reactions.

While some praised Anton for his behavior toward the sign, many emphasized how inappropriate the phrase was, considering that the idol had only turned 20. Although the sign would be wrong for any idol, Anton has just turned the legal age in Korea, and the fact that he could understand what was being said was even worse for fans.

Fans have great opportunities at shows to interact with idols, but making them uncomfortable with signs is taking advantage of the chance.


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