RIIZE’s Anton Is Going Viral After His Response To A “Nepo Baby” Comment

Anton wasn’t afraid to hit back.

RIIZE‘s Anton is going viral after his unserious AF reaction to being called a “nepo baby.”

RIIZE’s Anton | @riize_official/Instagram

Since debuting, Anton has quickly won the hearts of fans with his talent, visuals, and charisma.


Even before debuting, Anton was known to fans because his dad is Korean composer, record producer, singer, and songwriter Lee Yoon Sang.

Yoon Sang and Anton | Newsen

On December 31, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Anton and his dad had a special collaboration stage at the 2023 MBC Music Festival. During the performance, they both showcased their unreal talent.

After the performance, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Anton and his dad did the iconic “Get A Guitar” trend.

Of course, as any idol knows, there will always be negative comments amidst the praise from fans. In particular, one comment stood out to fans as it read, “NEPO BABYYY,” which is a phrase used for stars with celebrity parents, and it is sometimes assumed they used the connections to build a career in that industry. 

Rather than ignoring it, Anton made fans LOL when he simply replied with “born this way by lady gaga” referring to the song by Lady Gaga.

When the comment was shared on Twitter, netizens couldn’t hide their laughter at how iconic Anton was being. Some were annoyed by the comment towards the idol…

But others praised Anton. While idols might have avoided it, but fans loved how direct and unbothered he was by the comment and the fact he responded in such an iconic way.

The RIIZE members have definitely made an impact on TikTok by interacting with fans. While it might have seemed like a light-hearted reply, netizens loved that Anton responded in a way that was truly iconic.

Source: @riize_official