RIIZE’s Anton Goes Viral For His Amazing Physique In Shirtless Scenes

It’s getting hot in here.

RIIZE’s Anton has been gaining popularity recently for his angelic visuals. His flawless skin, pillowy lips, and adorable smile have made him one of the most popular members at the moment.

| theqoo

What drove fans insane was how Anton’s innocent features hides a toned body. No one knew about it until the music video for “Memories” was released! In the music video, the boys played shirtless by a lake.

Anton gained attention for his broad shoulders and toned abs.

In spite of his young age, his shoulders are wide and muscled.

His abs are clearer than our futures.

This didn’t come as a complete shock, as Anton used to swim competitively in his schooling days.

Netizens are eating him up. The gap between his face and body is attracting everyone.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • To me, he’s already well-known, but he’ll totally become super popular.
  • I was so surprised when they did a close-up on his face. Why was I trembling? I was shocked seeing his face, but as soon as they showed the close-up, my heart was shook.
  • He’s the male version of the type that I like. His face is a fairy, but his body is a woodcutter.
  • Why is his body so heated up? Crazy… But his face really looks like Chaeryeong.
  • Oh, but looking at him, he kinda looks like Eunhyuk.
  • His torso from the side is the real deal… You can tell he was an athlete.
  • I was trying to avoid the age gap at all costs but… Oppa.
  • Love it.

The way Anton is already creating a buzz every other day for his visuals has us certain that he will end up one of the 5th generation’s it-boys!

Source: Theqoo