“Is The Beggar Look In Trend?” — Netizens React To RIIZE Debut Showcase Styling

Is this what Y2K is about?

SM Entertainment’s new boy group, RIIZE, held their official debut media showcase on September 4, 2023. Befitting of their Y2K concept, they were dressed in baggy pants and loose-fitting tops.

The boys looked happy to make their debut and to perform on stage.

L to R: Anton, Sohee, Sungchan, Wonbin, Shotaro, Seunghan, Eunseok.

Not only did their clothes fit the retro theme, the boys’ hair were also styled into hairdos reminiscent of the past.

There were some trendy elements of course, such as Seunghan’s football uniform top and Wonbin’s racer jacket. Y2K is also trending in South Korea in general.

Wonbin, third from left. Seunghan, second from right.

Despite the fact that Y2K is very on trend at the moment, netizens still felt that the look could have been pulled off better.

From flat 5:5 hair parts to Sohee’s multiple underwear illusion pants, netizens were sorely disappointed.

Sohee, third from left.

Some even compared the look to NCT 127’s “Firetruck” era. The era still gives NCTzens shock to this day.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The hair and styling…
  • The outfits look straight up from a used-clothings bin.
  • I thought that they only debuted babies these days, but this group doesn’t look all that young.
  • Reminds me of NCT’s “Firetruck” LOL.
  • No, but what’s up with the clothes!!!!
  • Is the beggar look in trend recently?
  • Are they re-enacting “Firetruck…” What’s up with the stylist? They gave Wonbin fried curly hair.
  • They’d look pretty and fancy even in a white tee and jeans… Why did the stylist do that?
  • What’s up with those pants that look like they stuck swimming trunks to jeans? The stylist is too much.

With such handsome members, its no wonder that fans would love for them to be dressed better to show their full potential.

Source: Theqoo