RIIZE’s Eunseok Proves That He Was Always Handsome With Pre-Debut Middle School Photos

He’s always been handsome.

RIIZE’s Eunseok first met the public through SM Rookies. He was revealed as one of the three trainees to soon make their debut. He even participated in a photoshoot with WWD pre-debut!

Eunseok instantly wowed fans with his visuals. He was known as the visual member of the SM Rookies trio.

Later on, Eunseok was announced as a member for SM Entertainment’s upcoming boy group, RIIZE. Set to make their debut in September 2023, many are already anticipating his official debut.

Eunseok at the airport.

Despite Eunseok being first released to the public through SM Rookies in July 2022, no one was able to find pre-debut photos of the star. It was only until August 3, 2023, that fans managed to sleuth out some photos from his middle school days.

| Instiz

The person who posted the photos on a community site claimed to be from his school. They released the photos as they realized that no pre-debut photos of Eunseok’s had been released up to now.

Eunseok looked exactly the same back then, as he does now! His pre-debut photos did not disappoint.

Netizen reactions. | Instiz
  • Insane. Finally we get Eunseok’s [pre-debut photos] too.
  • What type of student was he? I’m curious about his personality.
  • [OP’s Reply] I think he played basketball with his friends a lot during lunch time.
  • [Reply] Oh, thanks.
  • So handsome… He grew up the same.
  • Wow, he’s exactly the same.
  • He’s the same now.
  • Gasp, it’s the first time I’m seeing his past photos.

With a face like that, no wonder SM Entertainment took him in!

Source: Instiz