RIIZE’s New “Visualizer” For Their Track “Impossible” Sparks Major Backlash From Netizens

They even admitted to using controversial technology.

RIIZE‘s latest comeback promotion has received major backlash from netizens.

After the release of the video for their song “Impossible,” RIIZE are continuing to get fans excited for their album that is due to be released later in the year.

On April 24 (KST), RIIZE’s X account shared a picture of the group’s “visualizer” for the song.


The video itself seemed creative and showcased what fans might expect from the album.

Until netizens realized it was AI-generated. AI-generated art (which many argue cannot be considered ‘art’ at all) has come under fire for using human artists’ pictures as training material without permission, as well as for its ability to take away jobs from real artists. As such, many are unwilling to support businesses that use artificial intelligence in their creative process.

Yet, while most artists are alleged to have used AI, SM Entertainment confirmed it with their tweet that explained, “RIIZE 라이즈 ‘Impossible AI-Generated Visualizer.” While they acknowledged it, it didn’t help the situation.

When the tweet was shared, netizens shared their anger at the use of AI. Some expressed the fact that SM Entertainment was doing the bare minimum using AI rather than having someone make a creative visualizer, and others shared that it was just another thing SM was doing wrong, with many referencing the lack of communication about Seunghan.

While AI can be amazing technology, it can also be used negatively, and K-Pop fans have voiced their anger at companies taking the “easy” way out by using it for concepts and comebacks.

Source: RIIZE/YouTube and RIIZE/Twitter


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