“Sungchan Please Sue Them…” Netizens Are Upset At RIIZE’s Bad Styling For Their First CF

They are disappointed at the choice in hair.

SM Entertainment’s new boy group RIIZE recently became ambassadors for MUSINSA. As one of South Korea’s most well-known clothing retailers, it is an impressive feat. When the official brand photos dropped on August 21, 2023, many fans were disappointed by the “tacky hairstyling” that some of the boys were given.

was given a relatively easy-to-pull-off look…

Eunseok. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

…and so was Seunghan.

Seunghan. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

Sohee sported a beanie, which seems to have become his signature look.

Sohee. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

Shotaro looked similar to how fans remember him from his time in NCT.

Shotaro. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

Fans were duly upset when it came to the visual members, Sungchan, Wonbin and Anton. Compared to his look in NCT…

Sungchan in NCT. | SM Entertainment

…Sungchan’s new hair was hard to get used to. Many felt that it diminished his visuals.

Sungchan. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

Wonbin’s hair was styled into a flat 5:5 parting with little to no volume.

Wonbin. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

Last but not least, Anton’s shaggy cut received divided opinions.

Anton. | @musinsa.official/Twitter

Sungchan’s and Wonbin’s hairstyles were pointed out to be even more unflattering in the group photo.

Many were critical of the stylists for giving them such hairstyles.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • What’s wrong with their hair?
  • Sungchan, please sue them. This isn’t the face of yours that I know… They’re too much.
  • Feels like I’m looking at an illustrative example photo of when people hate on Japanese idols.
  • Meh.
  • What’s up with their hair…
  • Their hair… What’s up with them…?
  • Why is Anton so pretty>
  • Did someone have personal grudges against Sungchan and Anton? What’s up with their hair?

The boys’ hairstyles were likely done to suit their Y2K retro concept. Despite this, it seems like fans wish to see the boys with less experimental styling.

Source: Theqoo