Trucks For RIIZE’s Seunghan Gain Attention After Protesting Against SM Entertainment’s Announcement

It comes a few days after his “indefinite hiatus” was announced.

International netizens have found a way to express their support for Seunghan after it was announced he was having a “hiatus” from RIIZE.

Seunghan | Dispatch

Since debuting, Seunghan has been hit with a number of allegations and criticism after private clips and information about the idol were leaked.

After a lot of backlash, SM Entertainment announced that Seunghan would be going on an “Indefinite hiatus.” His presence was quickly removed from the group’s Instagram account, as only the introduction profiles of the other six members remain on the account.

Even after the announcement of his “indefinite hiatus,” many netizens weren’t impressed. On the Korean forum theqoo, while some fans pointed out the mistakes weren’t huge but amplified because of his idol status, netizens wanted SM Entertainment to take it further.

  • Just withdraw him.
  • How fast.
  • Just withdraw like this, what “hiatus.”
  • Withdraw~~~
  • Please withdraw.
  • To be honest, it’s not even a big mistake, but in the idol industry where so many people are sick in the minds, if someone says that’s a crime, then it is. I just feel so bad that he has to be sworn at and threatened over something like this. I’m not asking his fans to fangirl on him, but I’m just commenting on how insane the industry is.

While Korean netizens had strong feelings about the hiatus, international fans had a different way of voicing their feelings. Both before and after the announcement was made, international fans defended Seunghan, sharing that the idol was also being victimized by those closest to him.

On November 23, netizens noticed support trucks in front of SM Entertainment with touching messages from international fans.

 Briize will be on Seunghan’s side till the end.

The second truck had an equally touching message.

Let’s only walk on the flowery paths together, our RIIZE the seven stars.

The account that organized the trucks shared a photo of them in front of SM Entertainment along with their plans for the future.

When the tweet was shared, netizens couldn’t stop praising the account for the work they put into the support. Many pointed out that while it might not seem like much, it’s the most international fans can do to showcase their love for Seunghan.

Netizens hope that it shows how loved Seunghan is and that the “indefinite hiatus” becomes just a “hiatus” with the idol remaining in RIIZE.