RIIZE’s Logo Has To Be Changed Due To Seunghan’s Uncertain Future With The Group

Does it mean he isn’t coming back?

RIIZE‘s most recent comeback, “Love 119”, came out on January 5, and the members are currently promoting the song on music programs.

However, since Seunghan has been on an indefinite hiatus from the group since late November 2023 due to several controversies he became involved in, RIIZE has been promoting as a six-member group rather than seven, with “Love 119” being their first release without him. This is despite SM Entertainment‘s statement in defense of Seunghan, which included the following accusations, as well as a promise to take legal action against the alleged defamer.

The individual who leaked and distributed the videos and photos [of Seunghan] in question has committed serious defamation against the artist by spreading fabricated and false information that is different from the truth. They have used non-existent messenger conversations and other malicious methods to create and spread groundless information.

— SM Entertainment

Seunghan (RIIZE)

In the last couple of months since Seunghan first started his break from the group, there haven’t really been any solid updates about his future with RIIZE. However, a recent change to one of the logo designs for the K-Pop group has some fans worried for him.

Previously, some of the group’s merch, including griptoks and stickers, featured a cue ball-like design with RIIZE’s name and the number 7 to represent their seven members.

RIIZE griptoks | @blossomyourway/Twitter

For this comeback, though, there have been signs that the design has been changed to remove the number from the cue ball, so that only RIIZE’s name is in it. Allegedly any merch with the previous design has been removed from their pop-up stores as well.

This has led to confusion, disappointment, and speculation from fans for various reasons. Some think that this might be a clear sign that Seunghan is no longer a member of the group, while others think that the fact they removed the number completely rather than changing it to a six is a positive sign that he will return eventually.

Others just have complaints about the design itself! But most of all, fans want a clear statement from SM Entertainment about Seunghan’s future plans.

What do you think this logo change could mean for Seunghan and RIIZE, if anything?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa