Netizens’ Plans To Publicly Demand RIIZE Seunghan’s Exit Met With Mixed Reactions

“You guys are doing too much…”

Fans’ plans to send a protest truck demanding RIIZE’s Seunghan departure from the group have been met with mixed reactions.

Seunghan | Maeil Kyungjae

On August 30, a fan’s tweet organizing a protest truck to demand Seunghan’s exit from RIIZE went viral.

In the post, the netizen reveals they are collecting money for a protest truck to demand SM Entertainment cut ties with Seunghan.

Collecting money for protest truck calling for Seunghan’s exit. I am collecting money to call for (Seunghan’s) exit for negatively influencing the group’s image before even debuting and to block any distractions from hindering fans from immersing with the group.

— @RIIZE_0202/Twitter

The post has since been viewed over 830K times (as of this writing) and has been shared on several online communities. Netizens reacted to the tweet with mixed reactions. While some continued to criticize the idol, many others felt that the controversy was overblown.

  • “What a waste of money.”
  • “He’ll forever be the ‘Motel Man.'”
  • “I thought because they haven’t debuted yet, they wouldn’t get the funds, but it seems like they did… Who is donating money to them?”
  • “Hey, it’s not just a picture of him kissing, but it’s a picture of him kissing at a motel… On top of that, he took several pictures as if he was showing off and being full of himself… Who can endure that? I would also be against someone like that being in my bias group.”
  • “But doesn’t SM Entertainment’s response mean that they are going to forgive him? What do you mean by exit? LOL.”
  • “It’s not like he committed a crime. You guys are demonstrating over a picture of him kissing. WTF. LOL.”
  • “Seriously, LOL. What’s up with the truck protest? You guys are doing too much.”
  • “Look for money elsewhere.”

Previously, RIIZE’s Seunghan has been receiving heavy criticism after photos of him kissing a woman went viral. The idol has since released an apology, which you can read below.

RIIZE’s Seunghan Personally Apologizes For Controversy Surrounding His Past Relationship


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