RIIZE’s Seunghan Personally Apologizes For Controversy Surrounding His Past Relationship

He has apologized.

RIIZE‘s Seunghan has personally apologized for the controversy surrounding his past relationships.

In a post shared through RIIZE’s official Instagram account, Seunghan posted his apology for the controversy surrounding him after rumors of his part relationships were revealed by netizens.

Hello, this is RIIZE’s Seunghan.

I thought I should say something before I stand in front of our fans, so I have written this.

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to the fans who have supported RIIZE.

At a critical time ahead of our debut, I have caused damage to our group due to my personal matters and I have also disappointed both the company staff and our members.

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to apologize earlier as I was feeling scared and anxious. This occurred due to my carelessness and I cannot blame anyone else or make any excuses. I have reflected on my past actions.

From now on, I will focus on RIIZE as my priority. I will be careful in every situation I am in, not only for RIIZE’s performances. I will do my best so that you will be able to feel my sincerity to RIIZE and to the fans through my actions.

Once again, I am sorry. Thank you for reading this long message.

— Seunghan

SM Entertainment also commented on the situation and vowed legal action against the individual who spread the pictures.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Recently, private photos of RIIZE members have been posted online without their permission on social media and online communities. We would like to express our position on this.

Unauthorized leakage and distribution of such media is clearly illegal and we are collecting data on the individuals who posted the pictures through Kwangya119 and other data monitoring. We will also collect data on secondary transmission of the pictures such as reposting, redistributing, and further spread.

We will file a complaint against any confirmed individuals who have committed a crime, so please be careful to not get involved in such an unwelcoming situation.

Meanwhile, Seunghan is deeply reflecting on the disappointment and damage he has caused to his team ahead of his debut.

We will closely manage and support RIIZE so they can focus on their activities in the future and we will work hard to show you good performances.

— SM Entertainment

Earlier, it was revealed by netizens that Seunghan and his girlfriend at the time had pictures of the two in bed together, kissing. The same day, it was announced he would be absent from RIIZE’s scheduled activities. Netizens were wondering whether Seunghan would continue in RIIZE following the revelation.

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