Korean Netizens In Disapproval Of RIIZE Seunghan’s “Couple Photos” In Bed

“Him being an idol aside, it’s just a turn off when men…”

RIIZE Seunghan’s past photos have recently surfaced on social media. Although the person who exposed the photos did not provide information of when the photos were taken, they seem to be fairly recent given how he looks in them.

Seunghan was spotted kissing a girl in bed.


There are also other photos of him kissing a girl in public.


The pair look rather sweet as he gives her a peck on the cheek while looking at the camera.


International fans have already stepped up to express their support for the star. They do not view dating as an issue for idols.

International Fans Defend RIIZE’s Seunghan After Alleged “Couple Photos” Suddenly Surface Online

On the other hand, Korean netizens seem to be critical of the fact that he took such photos in the first place. Rather than criticizing Seunghan for dating, they took more issue of his carelessness in behavior for a trainee. Especially if his dream was to debut as an idol, such photos may be detrimental to his future.

Netizens reactions. | Nate Pann
  • Ah, this is so unpleasant. They feel like they were taken as proof shots for him to show off in his group chat with his friends. Makes me feel so so grossed out.
  • Stepping aside from him dating, or taking pictures of him kissing, his face looks so ordinary. You’re telling me this is an idol?
  • Wow, the self-kills (controversies) are slowly getting higher in maturity rating. They’re really developing in such a variety of ways.
  • Why are male idols like this these days?
  • He would’ve been a pre-debut trainee at that time, right? It’s insane for a trainee.

The photos are taken from an angle that clearly pins him down as the photo taker. This is something which Korean netizens seem to take issue with, as they wonder why SM Entertainment does not seem to care about their trainee’s history any longer.

Source: Nate Pann