SM Entertainment To Debut RIIZE’s “Sister Group” This Year

Who’s excited for SMNGG??

For some time now, K-Pop fans have been anticipating the debut of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group (also known as SMNGG). While their initial plans were for the new group to debut in the fourth quarter of 2023, for unknown reasons the group had to be set back for some time, with the debut date moving to first half of 2024, and then to the second or third quarter of 2024.


With the release of the label’s plans for the rest of 2024, though, once more the debut date for SMNGG has been announced, and hopefully it won’t be delayed again!

On May 8, SM Entertainment announced that the new group is now set to debut in the fourth quarter of 2024. While a lot is still unknown about the group, there are speculated to be eight members, and they’re already being dubbed the “younger sister” group of RIIZE. This isn’t a new sort of “relationship” between SM artists, and in fact, it’s a marketing tool that has been used many times in the past for artists like TVXQ and The GraceSuper Junior and Girls’ GenerationSHINee and f(x)EXO and Red Velvet, and even NCT and aespa.

SHINee & f(x) | SM Entertainment

This will also reportedly be the label’s largest girl group since they debuted Girls’ Generation in 2007 and their first girl group since aespa debuted in late 2020, so the anticipation to learn more about SMNGG is high.

Rumored members of SMNGG | @sment_training/Instagram

Here’s how fans are reacting to news of RIIZE getting a “younger sister” group by the end of this year!







Are you excited for a new girl group from SM Entertainment?

Source: Naver and Pann Choa


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