Attempt To Criticize RIIZE Shotaro’s Unique Hairstyle Backfires

“This is refreshing 😻”

RIIZE‘s Wonbin recently had fans talking after cutting his iconic long hair into a shorter style, but he’s not the only member of the group whose hairstyle has captured fans’ attention.

For RIIZE’s first fan-con event, RIIZING DAYShotaro also debuted a unique new hairstyle that not just anyone could pull off!

Shotaro (RIIZE) | SBS

The handsome idol’s hair has been dyed a silvery-grey color, and styled in a messy, choppy way that almost gives him the appearance of horns.


A post was made on an online forum by someone who was criticizing the look and seemingly expecting others to agree with them. However, that wasn’t the case for most fans!

image (1)
| The Qoo

The reaction from a lot of people was actually positive, with some enjoying such a “unusual” look on a male idol to others saying that Shotaro’s visuals are enough to pull off such a strange style.


And it’s hard to argue that Shotaro doesn’t look good, based on all the photos shared of his new ‘do!

| @RIIZE_official/Twitter


Here’s how fans are reacting in the comments of the forum post criticizing the idol’s hairstyle.





How do you feel about this new look?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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