RIIZE’s Wonbin Makes Netizens Swoon With His Appearance On “Music Bank”

He’s definitely making waves as a rookie idol!

Though SM Entertainment‘s new boy group RIIZE only debuted a couple of days ago, they’ve already been making waves in the K-Pop industry with how talented their members are!

RIIZE | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

They’ve been busy promoting their debut album, Get A Guitar, on various music programs, and netizens have been impressed with just how charismatic and professional they are on stage despite being brand new rookies.

| @RIIZE_official/Twitter

In particular, member Wonbin has been drawing a lot of positive attention to himself.

Wonbin (RIIZE)

Not only did he get a ton of praise for his visuals before he debuted, but now that he’s shown how skilled he is as a performer, fans are just loving him more!

A post was made on an online forum recently that had fans fawning over how he looked during RIIZE’s recent Music Bank performance.

Several screenshots of Wonbin were taken from his fancams, and even though they’re not the best quality, it’s impossible to deny his handsomeness.

People just can’t get over his old-school visuals, especially his long hair, which fans have begged to never get cut!

SM Entertainment definitely knew what they were doing when they decided to take Wonbin on as a trainee, and he alone has seemed to have helped grow RIIZE’s fandom by quite a large margin.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to his stunning Music Bank visuals! Even those that aren’t huge fans of RIIZE or were hesitant to check them out can’t seem to resist Wonbin.

We can’t wait to see how Wonbin and the rest of RIIZE’s members grow as their idol career takes off!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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