RIIZE’s Wonbin Goes Viral For His Stunning Barefaced Visuals At The Airport

“Honestly, doing the name some justice.”

RIIZE only just debuted as SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group, and as expected, the talented members are turning heads wherever they go.

RIIZE at their first promotional event in Thailand | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

The members most recently participated in the second KCON event hosted in Saudi Arabia.

RIIZE performed during the first of the convention’s two-day event, joining a star-studded day-1 line-up that included EVERGLOW, Hyolyn, KARD, HIGHLIGHT, 8TURN, and labelmates Super Junior D&E.

RIIZE’s meet and greet at “KCON Saudi Arabia 2023” | @KCON_official/Twitter

After meeting their Saudi Arabian fans in person for the first time and stunning concertgoers with their performance, the group returned to Korea, continuing to earn attention with their real-life visuals.

Even before their trip to Saudi Arabia, RIIZE earned attention for their appearance at Incheon Airport, and member Wonbin caught netizens’ attention after fan-taken photos began to circulate.

RIIZE’s Wonbin at “KCON Saudi Arabia 2023” | @wonbin_kr/Instagram

Fan-taken photos of Wonbin ahead of his flight to Saudi Arabia stunned netizens, as they looked like scenes straight out of a K-Drama.

Although the talented RIIZE member kept his outfit simple yet fashionable, his visuals shined as netizens commented that he was living up to the name Wonbin.

| @blastwb/Twitter

Netizens praised Wonbin’s gorgeous visuals, with many noting that they understand the hype about the recently debuted member.

| TheQoo
| TheQoo
  • “His name fits him so well.”
  • “He’s so handsome.”
  • “Wow, his lips are gorgeous. So pretty.”
  • “Honestly, doing the name some justice.”
  • “Huh. He’s so innocent-looking but eye-catching at the same time.”
  • “He’s handsome and beautiful at the same time. Something about his mystic aura is insane… Makes sense how sensational he has been only weeks into his debut.”
  • “He is a really good-looking guy.”
  • “Whoa. He has a whole vibe to himself.”
  • “Wow, the videos are even more insane.”

This isn’t the first time that his airport appearance caught the attention of netizens. Check out more on that in the article below!

RIIZE’s Wonbin Impresses With Handsome Visuals At The Airport

Source: theqoo