RIIZE’s Wonbin Is Going Viral For His Unexpected Physique In New Hot AF Photo

The star has captured netizens’ hearts.

RIIZE’s Wonbin decided to set the K-Pop community ablaze and leave netizens breathless today with his impeccable physique and fairy-like face. The spotlight is squarely on the young star for posting a photo on Instagram that didn’t take long to go viral.

In a recent post on the popular social media platform, Wonbin shared a candid behind-the-scenes photo that showcased not only his well-defined biceps and muscular arms but also offered a tantalizing glimpse of his toned abdomen through a cutout in his tank top. To say that fans were thrilled would be an understatement. The photo has gone viral, making Wonbin one of the most talked-about idols of the moment.

| @riize_official/Instagram

The backdrop of this intriguing photo seems to be the set of RIIZE’s recent collaboration with W Korea. Though the magazine had already done justice in highlighting Wonbin’s handsome features, this raw, unedited Instagram photo has been deemed by many to outshine even the polished shots of the professional photo shoot.

The online reaction to Wonbin’s post was instantaneous and overwhelming. On the popular community site TheQoo, a post discussing the photo racked up almost 40,000 views in a mere few hours, accompanied by over 280 comments filled with adulation and awe. Fans were clearly in love with this new side of Wonbin. Comments ranged from sheer admiration of his aesthetics to playful envy of his evident dedication to fitness.

| W Korea
| @riize_official/Instagram

But the frenzy wasn’t contained to just Korean netizens. International K-Pop fans, always a formidable force in the music industry, have also jumped on the Wonbin bandwagon. On Twitter, posts celebrating his chiseled appearance have been inundated with tens of thousands of likes and retweets, bridging the gap between domestic and international admirers.

What makes this entire phenomenon even more impressive is Wonbin’s status as a rookie in the K-Pop scene. While RIIZE is certainly gaining traction and making a name for themselves, for a relatively new idol like Wonbin to garner such attention speaks volumes about his potential star power. It’s a potent combination of talent, charm, and visuals that’s propelling him to the forefront of K-Pop conversations.

| SM Entertainment

Fans are eagerly awaiting more updates from Wonbin and RIIZE — who are set to make their first comeback soon . If this recent buzz is any indication, netizens can anticipate that whatever they bring to the table next will not only meet but perhaps exceed the soaring expectations now set for them.

Source: TheQoo