Riot Games Senior Illustrator Revealed Former 2NE1 Member CL As Inspiration For VALORANT’s Character Jett

“She’s a badass.”

On December 12, the YouTube channel Proko uploaded a video with Riot Games senior illustrator, Esben Rasmussen.

The video was created to share with viewers how people can draw like Esben Rasmussen. Towards the middle of the video, he revealed that former 2NE1 leader, CL, as a reference for the character Jett in the game VALORANT.

Esben Rasmussen showed a lot of female celebrities and drawings on his reference board yet he set his main focus on CL. He pointed out that he was attracted to CL’s “attitude.” He then zoomed in on CL’s pictures on his reference board.

I like some of that attitude that’s kind of going on. I feel that giving her a bit more of like a standoff-ish attitude and maybe a little smug. Something like that feels appropriate for her character. She’s a badass, I really want to kind of sell some of that feeling of her being confident, aspirational, and ‘got this under control,’ and easily kick your ass if she needed to.

— Esben Rasmussen 

The characteristic “badass,” “confident,” “aspirational,” and “easily kick your ass” definitely fits the K-Pop queen CL.

For Jett’s facial structure, Esben Rasmussen used CL’s nose as a model.

if you look at the nose, it doesn’t have a very kind of like, sharp edges anywhere. It’s very kind of rounded, so we’re goung to try doing something like that too.

— Esben Rasmussen

Esben Rasmussen also focused on CL’s eyes. If you’re a 2NE1 fan, you are well aware of CL’s iconic winged eyeliner. It appeared Esben Rasmussen took notice of it as he wanted to incorporate it in Jett.

I think one thing that is going to be very important if we break this down is the winged makeup that we see up over here. This is going to be one of our important elements, is basically this winged makeup.

— Esben Rasmussen

He also emphasized CL’s cheekbones: “There are some of the cheekbones that are very high that we want to play with.”

VALORANT’s Jett is a Korean character so Esben Rasmussen shared that he tried to find the best Korean female references. Also on his reference board was Korean actress Claudia Kim.

I belive she is Korean so I was on the hunt for reference for some of the features and somebody who would kind of like resemble what Jett could look like, for example, in real life.

— Esben Rasmussen

Fans are thrilled to see CL not only taking over the music world but the gaming world as well.

Check out Esben Rasmussen creating process below: