Rising Actress Shocks Fans By Uploading “Wedding Photo” With Former Idol, But It Isn’t What You Think

“Oh wow, unnie, I was so shocked!”

Actress Lee Yoo Jin and singer Lee Woo surprised fans by uploading a wedding photo together.

Lee Yoo Jin | @pt_u_jin/Instagram
Lee Woo | MBN

On April 24, actress Lee Yoo Jin uploaded a photo of herself with the singer. The actress is seen wearing a wedding dress, while the singer is seen wearing a tuxedo.

The actress revealed why she took the photo in the caption of her post. It seems that the actress and singer took the photo for the singer’s upcoming mini-album.

A surprise wedding photoshoot with singer Lee Woo! Please look out for Lee Woo’s first mini-album releasing on May 10.

— Lee Yoo Jin

Many fans, as well as friends of the actress, stated that they were shocked by the photo and had first thought that the actress had announced that she was getting married.

  • “I was so shocked!”
  • “You are so beautiful! Stop being so beautiful (are you happy now?).”
  • “I was really shocked.”
  • “Oh wow, unnie, I was so shocked.”
  • Unnie, don’t go (get married).”
  • “Ha, I was shocked. I was about to go and collect taxes.”
  • “Ah, I was shocked! The picture is so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Jin is best known for appearing on KBS‘s Unasked Family and the web series Love Playlist. Lee Woo made his debut with the boy group MADTOWN before debuting as a solo artist in 2018.

Source: wikitree