“River Where The Moon Rises” Na In Woo Lost 7kg During Filming Due To Rushed Schedules

He filmed 20 episodes in just a little over a month!

After actor Ji Soo stepped down from his role as the lead in River Where The Moon Rises, due to his bullying controversy, rookie Na In Woo took over. However, as the drama was one that was already airing at the time of the news, Na In Woo had to rush to film all his scenes.

The director for the drama, Yoon Sang Ho, shared that Kim So Hyun herself had to refilm multiple scenes she already did previously with the new partner. The director was incredibly thankful to her for her diligence and even revealed that he promised to work with her once again in his next project.

| River Where The Moon Rises

Yoon Sang Ho also praised Na In Woo for his outstanding acting skills and quickness to adapt. He revealed that Na In Woo filmed 20 episodes without a single outtake! Na In Woo completed the 20 episodes in just over a month, without resting for a single day. Through the arduous process, he lost 7 to 8kg. He even pulled all-nighters at times, acting the role without sleep.

| River Where The Moon Rises

What a professional actor! Despite his status as a rookie, we can see a bright future for him!

Source: YTN