RM Left Reporters Speechless With Humble And Beautiful Closing Remark

Reporters were impressed.

On April 17, BTS attended a press conference at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) for the launch of their new album Map of the Soul: Persona.


On this day, the members took their time to write down the questions they received from reporters and did their best to answer them sincerely.


And at the end of the session, RM made a closing remark, thanking reporters in a special and expressive way. He began by referring to the reporters as a part of BTS’ wings.

We’ve used the expression ‘wings’ in our title song ‘Boy with Luv’ too but we believe that the numerous articles and terms that you (reporters) write for us are a part of our wings.

ㅡ RM


He then sincerely thanked them for their time and efforts and expressed BTS’ determination to continue doing their best.


We are always thankful. Thank you for becoming a part of our wings and as you’ve given us our wings, we will do our best to fly high. We sincerely thank you again today for allowing us your precious time.

ㅡ RM


Reporters and fans alike were moved with admiration of his humble attitude and expressive skills.

“Such an amazing man. He is a wonderful person…”

“I’m getting teary-eyed. Why am I so touched every time I hear him say it’s a precious time.”

“I’m getting tears. I wonder how many people in that position could be so humble and always thankful. He’s just too perfect.”


Watch the clip below:

Source: Dispatch


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