RM Confirmed That BTS Now Has A New Meaning Besides Bangtan Sonyeondan

RM just revealed that BTS has a brand new meaning!

During their interview on Radio Disney, the host asked what BTS meant and what it stood for.

And RM surprised the world when he revealed that BTS stands for something other than Bangtan Sonyeondan!

“Now it means ‘Beyond The Scene’, but we had changed the meaning.

Originally, in Korean, it means ‘Bulletproof Boyscouts’.”

— RM

Apparently, BTS now means Beyond The Scene in America!

Fans believe BTS will still remain Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korea, but they will promote as Beyond The Scene overseas.

Previously, rumors debated whether BTS was changing their name.

[★EXCLUSIVE] BTS Is Not Changing Their Name To “Beyond The Scene”

But now RM has clarified that they are indeed taking on “Beyond The Scene” as a part of their new re-branding!

Congratulations to BTS on their name expansion!

Check out RM’s confirmation at the 1:10 mark below.