RM Has Fans Feeling Some Kind Of Way In BTS’s New FESTA Photos

They didn’t ask to be attacked like this.

Hello, 911? I’m being attacked. Yes, it’s RM again. What do you mean “join the club” and “have fun suffering?” Some help you are!

Warning: If you too are vulnerable to RM’s charms, continue this article at your own risk!

On June 3, BTS dropped their second photo collection for 2020 FESTA. These group photos were taken at music video sets, on stage, backstage, and elsewhere throughout the past year.

RM has many sides, and fans saw them all in these new photos. First, there’s this classic, dorky pose…

…that RM strikes whenever he’s given the chance.

Then there’s RM’s serious-face-with-silly-pose in this “Boy With Luv” photo. (Someone, please complete his heart! Nobody wants this to become the new handshake curse!)

Just when RM’s cute side gives fans a false sense of security — boom! Sneak attack! Clearly, he did not get the “be cute not lethal” memo for this photo.

Let’s zoom in on that lip bite, because damn.

Then there’s this.

Who said that this was okay?

Fans do not have enough air conditioning to handle this heat, and it shows.

If you’re still alive, check out the rest of BTS’s 2020 FESTA photo collection here: