RM And Jimin Explain How Fights Between The BTS Members Have Changed

This is how they handle their arguments now.

BTS aren’t just members of the same group. They’re brothers and, like all brothers, they have their share of arguments.

On June 6, 2019, RM and Jimin went live with ARMY just to chat. They discussed everything from their sleeping habits to an accidental BTS WORLD spoiler to past fights that have happened between members.

It all started when RM and Jimin brought up their downtime activities. While on tour, Jimin has played computer games with J-Hope in his spare time. Even though they’re both bad players, they didn’t fight about it, but when Jimin and Jin played, it was a very different story.

They bickered constantly!

Jimin then recounted a “childish” fight he had with Jin that lasted about half an hour.

They eventually reached the point where they realized just how silly the argument was and apologized to each other.

According to RM, the members haven’t quarreled lately, and even when they do, they end up making up peacefully. In the past, an argument would lead to all seven members gathering to discuss it, but things have changed.

Nowadays, the quarreling members go out and resolve their problems on their own then update the rest of the group afterward.

Fights between members also aren’t as passionate as they used to be. Why use up their passion in an argument, when they can use it on stage instead?

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