BTS Fan Laments Her “Bad Luck” After Realizing That RM Visited A Museum The Same Time As Her

“Those are my sandals…”

A BTS fan recently went viral after they realized that they breathed the same air as their beloved leader. RM recently paid a visit to EUM THE PLACE, a Hanok private exhibition space. As RM is known to love both Korean culture and art, the place was perfect for him.

The inside of the gallery hall. | Naver Review

After RM uploaded a photo of his visit, the sharp-eyed ARMY realized that her shoes were in the photo. Having visited the place recently, the ARMY put two and two together, guessing that RM stopped by when she was still inside the building.

Crazy, those are my sandals… What the. Namjoonie came when I was inside? Why was I like that???? Huh??? Was I in the right mind???

— @papermoon1204

Many other ARMYs expressed their sympathies.

At least she got to breathe the same air as RM!