RM’s Instagram Stories Has ARMYs Questioning Their Knowledge Of BTS

He might have crashed the ARMYpedia.

Recently, BTS‘s RM posted a few pictures from what looked like a surprise birthday celebration at his house on his Instagram story and sent ARMYs down a spiral immediately.

| Weverse Live

The reason: no one could tell who the person was in those pictures. The first photo was of a man doing a full bow. The second one was a blurry picture seemingly of the same person, judging by the outfit, and RM had tagged the account of Lee Tae Hoon, the marketing director of Nike Korea, on that photo. But in both the photos, the faces were not visible at all.


| @rkive/Instagram

So, ARMYs went down a rabbit hole of debates and analysis to figure out if it was RM himself or Lee Tae Hoon, or someone else, and if it was not RM, then why would that person kneel in the first photo?

Team “It’s RM, not Lee Tae Hoon” had some solid arguments to offer.

While team “It’s not RM” also made valid points.

Even though RM did a birthday-special live stream a few hours ago, he didn’t clarify if it was him in the pictures or someone else. So, the mystery continues to live, and ARMYs are left wondering if their power to recognize BTS members really got defeated by mere blurry effects on a photo.