RM’s Kind Words To A BBC Reporter Regarding Her Korean Has ARMY Swooning

RM is such a caring and genuine leader.

At BTS’s press conference on April 17th, the group fielded questions from various journalists across the world. One interaction between RM and a journalist from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has ARMY swooning over RM.

The reporter opened up by saying hello to BTS in Korean and she followed this up with an insightful question:

Sorry my Korean is very bad. I’d like to say that, first of all, congratulations on your album. I believe it’s about to reach number 1 in the U.K so well done. I’ve heard a lot from your fans about the issues you address in your music like inequality, what issues matter to you and what would you like to address next with your music?

– BBC journalist

RM’s response has ARMY swooning over their kind leader:

First of all I love your Korean pronounciation so please don’t say that you’re bad. Thank you for asking this important question.

RM’s answer in English was well articulated and very thoughtful, you can read his full answer here:

The last question we asked was ‘What was the true inside thing you guys could influence positivity towards all over the world?’. I think it starts with recognising the ironies, if we have to make another album, we should stay awake and go to the recording studio, we shoud write the lyrics, we should practice performances. Every good thing requires some struggle, sweat and tears. I think every issue and everything we’re trying to stay starts with recognising the ironies and loving ourselves. I’m born here in Korea and you’re born maybe in the U.K. We look different, we speak different and we think different and even our gender is different. We’ve been talking about loving ourselves for three years now so now we’ve started talking about what’s truly inside us and I think to say that we have to recognise the ironies and all the bad things we’ve experienced, life is full of ironies. I think what we want to address is all about the ironies but we have to go and still live because the energy and all the things we speak about with our fans is better than all the bad things inside we address from now on. Thank you very much.

– RM

You can watch RM answer the question below:


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