Mnet Has Finally Confirmed The Official Lineup For “Road To Kingdom”

Seven boy groups will be participating in the show.

After weeks of rumors, Mnet has finally confirmed the official line-up for boy group competition show Road to Kingdom.

Kingdom is a planned spin-off series of the largely successful Queendom, which pitted girl groups like MAMAMOO and (G)I-DLE against each other to release the most successful song.

Aiming to air this summer, Kingdom will mostly feature established boy groups as its participants—except one. The final competing group will be selected on Road to Kingdom, a show of the same format for boy groups that haven’t yet had their first win. The winner of Road to Kingdom will join the final lineup for Kingdom.

Back on March 10, Ilgan Sports reported that eight groups would be participating on the competition show, including AB6IX and SF9. On March 20, however, Mnet released the official lineup of seven groups, confirming that AB6IX and SF9 will not be participating.

But there are still plenty of great groups to look forward to! Here are the 7 groups that will be competing.


PENTAGON is a 9-member group which debuted under CUBE Entertainment in 2016.

You may already know them from their highly successful 2018 song “Shine”.

2. The Boyz

The Boyz is an 11-member group which debuted under Cre.Ker Entertainment in 2017.

Their recent release, “Reveal”, was a big hit.

3. Golden Child

Golden Child is a 10-member group which debuted under Woollim Entertainment in 2017.

One of the group’s most successful releases to date is “Without You”, which dropped just one month ago.


VERIVERY is a 7-member group which debuted under Jellyfish Entertainment in 2019.

One of the group’s biggest songs to date is their recent release, “Lay Back”.


ONEUS is a 6-member group which debuted under RBW Entertainment in 2019.

One of the group’s most most-listened songs to date is “Valkyrie”.

6. ONF

ONF (also known as On N Off) is a 6-member group which debuted under WM Entertainment in 2017.

One of the group’s most successful songs to date is “Why”.

7. TOO

TOO (also known as Ten Oriented Orchestra) is a 10-member group which is due to debut under N.CH Entertainment in April 2020.

The group was formed on the Mnet survival show World Klass. In the lead-up to their debut, they’ve been releasing covers on YouTube.

Source: OSEN