Netizens Uncover Old News Reports That Allegedly Outed Robert Holley’s Sexual Orientation

The article was written 9 years ago.

Back in 2008, Hankook Ilbo released a news report about a popular TV personality who lived a double life as a wholesome family man who also had secret affairs with homosexual men.

The article named the TV personality as “Mr. R”. He apparently shocked the entertainment industry reporters when rumors began circulating that he had secret affairs with men despite showing off a wholesome family image on broadcasts with his wife and kids.

The report claimed Mr. R frequently visited a gay bar located in Itaewon. There, he met up with men in their 20’s. Mr. R allegedly started dating a younger man and eventually moved in with him in his second home in Seoul. They say it was possible for him to do so because his family lived abroad.

“Rumors about Mr. R’s sexual orientation has been slowly spreading among industry insiders. From what I know, he’s been living in Seoul with a man in his 20’s that he met at a gay bar.”

— Entertainment industry reporter

Mr. R was able to hide his secret affairs for years until homosexuality became a hot topic in Korean society. As more and more broadcasters began interviewing gay men, Mr. R was repeatedly brought up in their stories. Mr. R then apparently decided to appear less on broadcasts as he was worried about the rumors getting out.

“I first thought rumors about Mr. R were impossible to be true. But as I began collecting stories of these men who had spent time with him, I was shocked. Some of them say that he’s not a bad man but just someone with a complicated life. But others say they felt betrayed when they found out that they were tricked.”

— Broadcast Employee

Fast forward to 2018, where Robert Holley was arrested for illegal drug use. Another drug user who was being interrogated for his crimes claimed that he had a secret affair with Robert Holley and they used drugs together at their home. Netizens believe that the 2008 report was actually about Robert Holley.

Robert Holley had risen to fame since the early 2000s as a foreigner who gave up his US citizenship to legally become Korean. He was beloved for his outgoing personality and his unique Busan accent. He often appeared on broadcasts with his family, showing the perfect image of a bi-racial couple raising their kids in Korea and the States.

Robert Holley has not made a comment about his the accusations regarding his alleged secret affairs. He has confessed to using drugs but was recently released by the police after 2 days.

Source: DC Inside and Nate Pann