Why BTS’s J-Hope Chose “Arson” As The Title Track For “Jack In The Box”

ARMYs are awed by his artistic thought process!

Jack In The Box, the much-awaited solo album of BTS‘s J-Hope, is finally out in the world! The pre-release single “MORE” had already shocked fans and critics with its freshness and innovation. Now, the newly released title track “Arson” is sweeping listeners off their feet.

In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, J-Hope explained how he came about choosing “Arson” as the second title track for his album.

According to the rapper, as soon as he heard the song, it automatically clicked as the meant-to-be title song. It is a reflection of the peak emotions that he is trying to convey with his “J-hope” persona.

It has the fire, the passion that I wanted this album to possess.

The song, J-Hope explains, is a compact compilation of all the thoughts and feelings that originally inspired the inception of the whole album. He put most of his energy into this track. Chronologically, “Arson” comes at the very end of the tracklist. This strategic placement is meant to tie the theme of the album together.

The track acts as a period at the end of a sentence, and clearly straightens out what I wanted to express with this album.

Produced by Clams Casino, who is also credited as the co-writer on the track with J-Hope, “Arson” is a fast-paced hip-hop track that outlines the rapper’s ambitions and his road to success with BTS. The chorus, however, poses a dilemma where the lyrics say, “Now I ask myself, choose what/ Do I put out the fire, or burn even brighter?”

J-Hope himself described the song as a “Turning point and crossroads” in the interview. This open ending to the album is making fans praise his thought process, as it directly leads to curious anticipations for his future creations!

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Source: Rolling Stone and Genius