BTS’s J-Hope Talks Lollapalooza, Shares A Brief Spoiler

A candid look into the preparation process for his approaching solo performance.

The anticipation for BTS member J-Hope‘s first solo album Jack In The Box had ARMYs over the moon already! To add to this excitement, Rolling Stone dropped an unexpected interview with the rapper right after the album’s release.


The interview touched upon different aspects of this new direction of J-Hope’s career. After discussing his album-making process at length, he shared how he felt about his upcoming Lollapalooza appearance.

The “MORE” singer is preparing to headline the music festival on July 31. As the first South Korean artist to headline a major U.S. festival, he reiterated how deeply he valued the opportunity, “It’s such an honor to be invited to such a big festival, and to be a headliner. too.”

According to the man himself, as much as he is excited to show his live performances to a huge audience, the preparation process is tough for even a veteran performer like him. His main concern is curating the hour-long setlist alone.

I’m used to performing as BTS’ J-Hope, one of seven.

So, while preparing for the stage, he is pushing himself to be as detail-oriented as possible. Since he is someone already known to the fandom for his meticulous attention to finer details, this statement has made ARMYs look forward to the performance even more!

Talking about the main motivator behind his decision to participate in the music festival, J-Hope said, “I really want to show my musicality.” For him, this is more of a learning opportunity rather than a haughty stepping stone for his career.

Reluctant to spoil anything too specific, J-Hope lightly touches upon what to expect from his Lollapalooza stage. While he will be performing tracks from his new album live, he teased the possibility of some unexpected performances as well.


There will also be lements of the J-Hope image expressed… That is my not-so-spoiler-like spoiler.

Given that he previously talked about how his J-Hope image is very closely tied to the concept of Pandora’s Box and also to his roots in dance, this disclosure leaves endless anticipations behind.

Looks like ARMYs are all set for some real treat!

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Source: Rolling Stone