Rookie Girl Group Fanatics’ Agency Apologizes For Their Staff Members’ Sexual Harassment

They released their apology.

Rookie girl group Fanatics‘ agency has released their apology for their staff members’ comments that can be considered sexual harassment, that were made towards the members.

FENT released their apology to the public today, apologizing for their staff’s comments, and promising the staff member will be punished.

Hello, this is FENT, Fanatics’ agency.

We would like to first apologize to the members and fans who recognized the seriousness of the on-site staff members’ remarks during Fanatics’ V Live broadcast that aired on September 7.

We acknowledge that the staff members’ remarks during the V Live were wrong, regardless of the reason. The person in charge will take action against the person accordingly.

FENT will be careful to not let this happen again in the future.

We would like to apologize once again to the fans who love Fanatics, and we will do our best to protect the rights and interests of the artist you love.


Yesterday, it became public that Fanatics were victims of sexual harassment by one of their own staff members.

Source: Tenasia
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