Rookie Girl Group’s Maknae Member Worries K-Pop Fans With A Cryptic Instagram Story

What could the story mean?

On August 14 KST, rookie girl group ANS‘s maknae member Haena shared an Instagram story…

ANS’s Haena | @happy_haena/Instagram

… that has K-Pop fans concerned. While the story itself doesn’t reveal much…

ANS | @official_ans_/Instagram

… the cryptic message has fans concerned over Haena’s current condition. It reads:

At least let me breathe, please. I won’t blame anyone ever.

— Haena

In response, fans are flooding her Instagram feed with positive and supportive comments.

ANS’s agency, ANS Entertainment, is yet to respond to the growing concern.

ANS debuted in September 2019, initially as a 5-membered group. Following 2 other members, Haena got added to the group in December 2019 as the 8th member. Their most recent release “Say My Name” hinted at yet another 9th member — though nothing has been confirmed since.