Rookie Girl Group SOLIA Disbands 5 Days After Their Debut

They have disbanded.

Rookie girl group SOLIA has announced that they have disbanded, just 5 days after their debut.

SOLIA | @solia_official_/Instagram

SOLIA was a group under Space Music, that debuted on August 17, 2021. The group consists of 5 members—Soree, Hayeon, Suna, Soyeon, and Eunbi, they debuted with the single “Dream”.

The group, however, ended up disbanding on August 22, 2021, only 5 days after making their debut. In an Instagram post, Space Music announced their disbandment due to the company’s “circumstances”, asking fans to continue supporting the members in their individual endeavors.

| @solia_official_/Instagram

You can see the post here: