Rookie Girl Group MAJORS’ Suzy Faces Backlash From Bae Suzy Fans For Having The Same Name

“The one and only Suzy is Bae Suzy.”

Having the same name within an entertainment industry can present some issues, as fans try to differentiate between their biases versus others who happen to share the same name. In the most recent news of same named celebrities, a rookie girl group member has found herself in the middle of immense backlash — all because she shares the same name as actress Bae Suzy.

MAJORS’ Suzy | @su._______.zy/Instagram

Suzy is a member of the rookie girl group MAJORS, who made their official debut just earlier this year on March 9, 2021. Born on June 3, 2001 as Kim Suji, the MAJORS member recently turned 20-years-old (American age.) And while she should be in the middle of relishing her debut and birthday celebrations, Suzy has become the center of massive scrutiny all because she shares the same stage name as one of South Korea’s biggest actresses, Bae Suzy.

| @su._______.zy/Instagram

Both of the Suzys share not only the same stage name, but also the same first birth name. Bae Suzy’s birth name is actually Bae Suji, which means both of these stars have two names in common. But due to Bae Suzy’s mega-star status and legacy as one of South Korea’s hottest “it” actresses, her fans were not thrilled when they heard about the rookie girl group member.

Actress Bae Suzy | Hankook Ilbo

Some of Bae Suzy’s fans have been harassing the rookie girl group member on her personal Instagram page, spamming her with incessant hate comments.

Spam comments left under MAJORS’ Suzy’s Instagram | @su._______.zy/Instagram

But, fret not because MAJORS fans took matters into their own hands and have begun to ask for Twitter‘s help. One particular MAJORS fan tweeted this SOS, stating that they “need stan twitters help.”

After this fan’s tweet went live, it quickly went viral garnering more than 500 retweets and over 1,000 likes in just a few hours. As it continued to gain attention, many other netizens joined in to rally behind the rookie girl group member and began to share their support for her, whether they were a fan or not.

This netizen called out the “insane gatekeeping” within the K-Pop culture.

| @denimirae82/Twitter

This particular Twitter user expressed their pity for the rookie girl group member and the backlash she has been receiving.

| @euryceeee_/Twitter

Another couldn’t understand why people were being so mean to Suzy and asked for others to “protect her.”

| @xuvenile/Twitter

Finally, we have this particular netizen who shared MAJORS’ Suzy’s Instagram account so that everyone could go “leave her kind messages.”

| @bianwolfie/Twitter

No one deserves to go through this kind of treatment — no matter what. We hope that she comes out from this, stronger than ever.

Be sure to check out MAJORS’ debut track, “Spit It Out” down below.

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