Rookie Group TRI.BE Reveals They Will Make Their First Comeback In May

They hinted at other activities throughout the year as well!

Rookie group TRI.BE has revealed that they will be making their first comeback in the month of May!

| TR Entertainment

TRI.BE recently sat down for an interview with Universal Music Malaysia, where they introduced themselves and answered questions from their adoring fans!

One of the questions sent in centered around their music activities for the year 2021!

What goals and plans do you have for this new year? I love your debut and I’m gonna support you forever!

| TR Entertainment

Kelly, the English-speaking member of the group, revealed that the group would have their first comeback in May, and will release a double-single album! She then also revealed that following this single album, they will release their first mini-album in the month of September!

We are planning to have a double-single album in May, and a mini-album in September.


TRI.BE debuted on February 17 under TR Entertainment, with the single album Da Loca and accompanying title track “Doom Doom Ta”.

Watch the MV for it here!