“Y’all Are Robbing Us”: The Rose’s Fans Outraged Over 2023 Tour’s “Insanely Overpriced” Tickets

Fans were also given little notice ahead of pre-sale.

Korean indie rock band The Rose, which consists of Hajoon, Woosung, Dojoon, and Jaehyeong, have announced their 2023 tour for the U.S. and Canada, but it has been met with an unhappy response from Black Roses (fans of The Rose).

From left: Jaehyeong, Woosung, Dojoon, and Hajoon | Transparent Arts & Windfall 

The group made their comeback this month with “Back To Me” and “Alive.” So, fans have anticipated that they might tour soon.

Last year, The Rose held their 2022 HEAL TOGETHER World Tour. While the band has been busy performing at music festivals recently, they have now announced their 2023 DUSK TO DAWN Tour, which will take place this fall, a year after the previous tour.

| @TheRose_0803/Twitter

While fans had hoped The Rose would announce a tour, some were naturally dissatisfied with the locations listed. Black Roses were especially shocked and disappointed that Atlanta, GA, and Chicago, IL, were not included this year. The band had performed in both of those cities during their previous tour.

But that was the least of Black Rose’s worries because a few hours later, The Rose posted the FAQ page for the 2023 DAWN TO DUSK US/CANADA TOUR, and it revealed some shocking info.

| The Rose

The various ticket tiers and packages were listed. There are three VIP tiers, with the first including the soundcheck experience and some merchandise, tier two includes the same along with a meet & greet, and tier three even gives you behind-the-scenes access and an opportunity to hang out with The Rose!

The Rose

The prices for regular tickets, such as GA, will range from $39.50 to $115 USD, while VIP tickets will range from $249.50 to $1,500 USD. Remember that this is all before fees, so the most expensive ticket could be as close to $2,000 USD.

The Rose

After seeing the prices, Black Roses were shocked. The $1,500 USD price especially had many flabbergasted, as it costs more than some people’s monthly rent.

No matter the perks that come with the VVVIP, very few Black Roses feel the price is justified. So, they are expressing their feelings on social media.

It’s not just the VVIP’s shocking price that has Black Roses upset, though. The lower VIP tiers’ prices are also shockingly high compared to the previous tour. For the same benefits, it’s like double the amount.

And that’s just comparing The Rose’s upcoming tour’s prices to their previous tour. Other current artists’ VIP experiences are not nearly as expensive either.

The artist pre-sale for tickets begins on Monday, July 31, at 10 AM local time, just one week after the announcement. So, it gave fans little to no time to prepare that amount of money to spend.

The Rose

It seems The Rose’s comeback single “Back To Me” is hitting a little too close to home now.


who tf came up w these prices cause this is an actual joke surely they’re not being fr rn💀💀💀 #therose #fyp #viral #hajoon #jaehyeong #woosung #dojoon

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Still, some Black Roses have defended the pricing, pointing out that The Rose had been mistreated by their previous company, J&Star Company, including not receiving payments. They are now under their self-made company Windfall, which has partnered up with Transparent Arts, so they do not receive the same amount of support as artists from other labels. Additionally, fans have recognized venues are bigger and better this year.


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The tour announcement is certainly bittersweet. Will you still try to get tickets?

Source: The Rose

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