The Rose Files For Contract Termination Due To Lack Of Payments And Excessive Schedules

They want out as soon as possible.

Band The Rose has sent in a request for the termination of their exclusive contract with their agency, J& Star Company due to excessive schedules and issues with payments.

The Rose sent in their request on the basis of the agency pushing ahead with excessive schedules and problems with payments, as the members were never able to properly see the statements that would show their revenue and the correct amounts of money they would be paid. Since their debut, the members have yet to been paid. The members also claimed that the agency planned a 17-city concert tour in the United States over the span of a month without consulting the members.

We just hope to end our exclusive contracts as soon as possible.

— The Rose

In response, J& Star Company stated that The Rose unilaterally came to the decision for contract termination, and even has expressed their intentions of halting their activities.

The Rose unilaterally notified us of their request to terminate their contracts, and they have insisted on suspending their performances and broadcast appearances, which we previously mutually agreed on. The certification of contents or the deadline imposed by them are not legally valid. The Rose should be faithfully carrying out their schedules.

— J& Star Company

Due to the conflicts with their agency, it is expected that The Rose’s promotions will be disrupted. The Rose debuted in August 2017, and gained attention following their appearance on JTBC show Superband.

Source: Star News and Sports Kyunghyang

The Rose