Rowoon And Jo Bo Ah’s Steamy AF Kiss Scene In “Destined With You” Sends Netizens Into Meltdown


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One of the hit K-Dramas right now is Destined With You, starring Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah.

Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah in the “Destined With You” poster | JTBC

The show has taken fans on an emotional journey as the tsundere Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) finds himself falling in love with Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) but with obstacles blocking their way.

So far, the series has taken netizens on an emotional rollercoaster, with laughter, tears, and heartbreak.


As the show comes to an end, the duo have firmly cemented their relationship, and while there have been some cute kisses and moments…

Episode 15 sent the internet into meltdown with a steamy “kiss scene.” Although they had spent a lot of time together, this time was definitely different as they started kissing, but a lot more passionately that they even managed to switch the light off.

As the kiss deepens, it seems like both have something more intense in mind as Bo Ah breathlessly exclaims, “Wait, just a moment.”

Rowoon then takes off his jacket, and Bo Ah starts to unbutton his shirt…

Leading netizens to get a glimpse of Rowoon’s chiseled abs and unreal physique.

Of course, as it was dark, netizens weren’t sure if it ended on the bed or another surface, but the kiss continued to get even more steamier and many assumed that the directors wanted to imply more happened.

While it wasn’t the conventional “bed scene,” it still managed to send the internet into meltdown. The various scenes showcased how far the duo’s relationship had advanced, going from something cute and playful to very serious, with the addition of Rowoon’s abs.

Netizens are definitely sad about the show ending, but both Rowoon and Bo Ah have showcased their unreal skills and chemistry throughout the series.

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