Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of SF9’s Rowoon And Park Eun Bin’s Off-Screen Chemistry While Filming “The King’s Affection”

“They seem so comfortable with each other…”

Since it started airing, Netflix‘s new series The King’s Affection has gained praise from fans worldwide for many reasons. From the handsome male leads to the BL vibes the storyline has given out, it has caught viewers’ attention and has ranked highly in terms of views in Korea.

The poster for “King’s Affection” | KBS

However, recently, one thing, in particular, has caught the attention of fans, and it is the chemistry between the two main actors SF9‘s Rowoon and actress Park Eun Bin.

Park Eun Bin plays the Crown Prince Lee Hwi, a woman who had to imitate her twin brother after his death, Rowoon plays the Prince’s teacher Jung Ji Un. Throughout the series, the relationship between the two slowly develops as they become more accustomed to each other.

Park Eun Bin as the Crown Prince (left) and SF9’s Rowoon as Royal Tutor Jung (right) | KBS2

However, netizens have recently fallen in love with the two actors’ chemistry when the cameras aren’t rolling. In a recent forum, netizens shared images and GIFs from behind-the-scenes videos from the show, and it showcases just how much chemistry the pair have.

Whenever it seems like the cast is not in their characters, Park Eun Bin and Rowoon seem to have a playful relationship with each other and enjoy having fun with each other.

| mama.spoiler/ YouTube
| mama.spoiler/ YouTube 

Even when they are discussing scenes with the rest of the cast, Rowoon never ceases to make Park Eun Bin and the director laugh with his antics. In particular, when the duo is discussing their kiss scene, Rowoon can’t help but have some fun and lighten the mood.

| mama.spoiler/ YouTube 

In particular, a new video was recently released for episodes 11 and 12, and fans couldn’t help but smile after seeing the chemistry between the two.

In one of the scenes, Park Eun Bin and Rowoon are running away from an unknown danger. After finishing the scene, Park Eun Bin joked that running while pretending to be wounded by an arrow was tiring. Rowoon then lifted Park Eun Bin with ease before they both burst into fits of laughter.

| KBS2 

In the second clip, Park Eun Bin is seen explaining to the camera that Rowoon would pick her up and use her as a dumbbell when he had no other weights available to lift.

| KBS2

During the video, the two were having fun while the cameras weren’t on. The size difference between the two, with Rowoon being 190cm and Park Eun Bin being 163cm, seemed to make for some adorable content between the two.

| @ewsbdi/ Instagram

As expected, fans quickly shared their thoughts on the interactions, and it definitely seemed as if fans were falling more in love with the actors alongside their characters in the show. Many netizens couldn’t get over the size difference, and many found it even more endearing to see!

  • Is she really that tiny??? they’re so cuteeee!
  • Omg, my heart is really fluttering.
  • This makes me want to watch the drama.

Although it is common for fans to love the chemistry between two actors in K-Dramas, the attention that Rowoon and Park Eun Bin have gained for their actions off the screen is rare. Even on social media, the two showcase their friendship.

| @ewsbdi/ Instagram

With fans still hooked on every minute of the K-Drama, it is also refreshing to see the two main cast members getting on so well when they’re not in characters. It makes fans believe that the story they are watching is more genuine when you know that the actors have genuine respect and fondness for each other.

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