Introducing The 3 Male Leads From The K-Drama “The King’s Affection” Who Are Gaining Attention For Their Stunning Visuals

Are they the newest “Holy Trinity” of K-Dramas?

After the Netflix series’ Squid Game and My Name, there has been a rise in the popularity of K-Dramas. From action shows to romances, there is a K-Drama for everyone, and one show that has recently caught the attention of fans is the newest historical drama The King’s Affection. 

The poster for “King’s Affection” | KBS

The show follows the story of a Joseon royal family who gives birth to twins, played by Park Eun Bin, which isn’t a good sign during that time, especially as one was a girl. After being sent out of the palace as a child, the daughter returns to the palace. Yet, when the Prince is killed, she is made to take his place.

Park Eun Bin playing Da Mi as the Crown Prince | KBS

Aside from the storyline, the show has caught the attention of fans because of the three male leads. In particular, fans have fallen in love with the visuals of the three characters, and there is no denying why.

The main male lead in the series is Jung Ji-Un, who is the Crown Prince’s teacher. In the show, he fell in love with the daughter Lee Da Mi as a child, and then they meet later on when she is disguised as the Prince, but he still has feelings for her.


As expected, the character’s visuals are out of this world because SF9’s Rowoon plays him. Since debuting in the group in 2016, Rowoon has gained attention for his stunning good looks, amazing proportions (he is 190.5cm), and stunning personality.

Yet, Rowoon isn’t the only K-Pop idol who has stolen the hearts of fans in this K-Drama. VICTON‘s Byung Chan also stars in the show, playing the Crown Prince’s bodyguard Kim Ga On. The aura of someone with a cold personality and the visuals added with his long hair is the pure epitome of a Joseon mystery boy.

Yet, his character couldn’t be further from his real, charming self. As a member of VICTON, he is known for being bright, energetic, and caring. After making his debut in acting in the 2020 show Live On, it seems like not only their fans, known as ALICE, are falling for his charms.

| @b__yccn/ Instagram

The final male lead who has gained attention for his visuals is actor Nam Yoon Soo, who plays the Crown Prince’s gentle cousin Lee Hyun.

| Netflix

Although only making his acting debut last year in the popular K-Drama Extracurricular, he has already caught the attention of fans for his diverse acting and stunning visuals. At 186cm tall, he is the perfect actor to be alongside Rowoon, and he has this “boy next door” look that has fans swooning. 

| @nam_yoonsu/ Instagram

In an interview, director Song Hyun Wook even joked that Rowoon’s height made it difficult to cast the rest of the characters because they had to be similar. There is no denying that not only did he choose the perfect cast, but they could be the newest “Holy Trinity” of K-Drama visuals.

The cast of “The King’s Affection” | KBS

With so many visuals, not even including the female lead Park Eun Bin who shines in both her male and female character, it is a show full of twists and turns. You can watch the whole trailer below.

Source: The Swoon