Rowoon Shares Heartfelt Letter With Fans Amid His Departure From SF9

“Hello, this is Rowoon…”

Rowoon revealed a handwritten letter to fans amid news of the idol’s departure from SF9.

On September 18, the idol shared a letter to his fans on his fansite. In his letter, Rowoon carefully begins by revealing his thoughts.

Hello, this is Rowoon. I’ve been carefully choosing my words. This is a bit scary because it has been a while since I’ve greeted you here.

— Rowoon

The idol then admits that there had been many misunderstandings but that he has been focusing on his work.

I think I have become more comfortable while promoting and challenging myself in new areas. There were some frustrations due to not being able to explain every misunderstanding. But I felt the truth would reach (fans), and I’ve spent my days focusing on what (work) I had to do. Although I understand that (fans) might support me, I think I am still a little sensitive. Although there are times when I should be courageously clarifying misunderstandings, I’ve always spent my days hiding.

— Rowoon

Rowoon then apologized to fans who may have been hurt by the misunderstandings.

I would like to apologize to fans who may have been hurt by my seemingly nonchalant attitude. If you felt I had changed, that also is because I was hiding (my true feelings), which in turn disappointed you.

— Rowoon

Rowoon ended his letter by looking back on his 7 years with his group and asked his fans to continue to support him.

I have been promoting these seven years with a grateful heart and am thankful for the memories. Looking back at my life while writing this, I only have gratitude. This is also thanks to you.

This year, I am 27, and I would like a new challenge. I want to muster up the courage to tell you I would like to challenge myself. Please look out for me so that I can live a life that a 27-year-old Kim Seok Woo can be accountable for.

— Rowoon

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment revealed in a statement that Rowoon would be leaving the group. You can read the full statement in the link below.

FNC Entertainment Announces SF9 Will Continue As 8 Members Without Rowoon



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