Too Much Information? Rowoon’s “Embarrassing” Travel Essentials

He keeps it real.

Idol-turned-actor Rowoon recently appeared on GQ Korea’s YouTube channel and revealed the most essential items he always carries while traveling.

Rowoon | @GQKOREA/YouTube

Rowoon mentioned that he has been traveling all around the country for his latest K-Drama filming, and he usually packs his stuff in a small carrier for those short work trips.

Some of the things in the bag were general, daily necessities. From cleansing oils to glasses to perfume and shaving cream.

| @GQKOREA/YouTube
| @GQKOREA/YouTube

But there were some specific items that had the actor flustered. The first one is nose patches.

Rowoon said it was a little “embarrassing,” but he uses nose packs to get rid of sebum. He even consoled himself, saying, “Who doesn’t have sebum?”

He also shared that he typically uses these packs once a week since doing it at longer intervals can get him “a bit surprised.” Just as the TMI had him flustered, he comically slammed the table, telling himself there isn’t a person who doesn’t have sebum.

But his agony didn’t end there. Soon enough, he whipped out his underwear from the bag, unable to control his laughing fit at the situation.

Once again, Rowoon was left easing his own embarrassment, constantly repeating, “There’s no one who doesn’t pack underwear.”

He mentioned that for his underwear, Calvin Klein’s pieces are his top preference.

When asked if there is a specific color he prefers, Rowoon answered with a mischievous look that he didn’t like “challenging colors” before teasingly saying, “I’ll stop here.”

His usual choice, the actor responded, is neutral colors.

You can watch the full interview here: