Netizens Begin Boycotting Roy Kim’s Father’s Makgeolli Brand In Light Of Recent Scandals

The company responded to the boycott.

Netizens began boycotting Jang Soo Makgeolli for its ties to Roy Kim, who is currently being investigated for his participant in Jung Joon Young‘s controversial chatrooms.


Jang Soo Makgeolli is a popular brand of Korean traditional rice wine, which is manufactured by the Seoul Takju Company. Roy Kim’s father, Kim Hong Taek, is a former senior executive of the company. Rumors quickly spread that Roy Kim was a major shareholder of Jang Soo Makgeolli through his father’s connection.

Roy Kim and his father.


In order to protest against Roy Kim and his alleged crimes, netizens began boycotting Jang Soo Makgeolli. As sales began to drop, Seoul Takju Company quickly released a statement claiming that Roy Kim is a shareholder but he does not hold a majority of the company’s shares. They explained that he only holds 2% shares.

“Roy Kim is not a major shareholder or a CEO. He’s a shareholder among 51.

Seoul Takju is a corporation made up of 51 shareholders. We’re shocked to hear rumors that it is his personal company.”

— Seoul Takju Company


Roy Kim is scheduled to fly back to Korea after rearranging his school schedules in the US. He vowed to fully cooperate with the investigations upon his return.


Recently, an old video interview of Roy Kim resurfaced where he claimed that his father told him not to get too close with Jung Joon Young. The Seoul Takju Company hasn’t made any statements regarding their connection to Roy Kim’s father, who was their former executive.

Source: MK Sports and News Joins
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