Roy Kim’s Parents Opposed His Friendship With Jung Joon Young

Fans are wishing Roy Kim had listened to his parents’ warning.

A past clip about Roy Kim‘s friendship with Jung Joon Young is making netizens wish Roy Kim had heeded his parents’ warnings.


In 2016, Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young both appeared on Season 9 of MBC‘s Flower Boy Bromance, also known as Celebrity Bromance. The show followed the friendships between pairs of male celebrities.


Recently, a clip wherein Roy Kim talks about Jung Joon Young’s “corrupting” influence on him gained attention from netizens, but now another telling clip has resurfaced. In it, Roy Kim says that his parents opposed his friendship with Jung Joon Young.


Roy Kim defended his friend, by saying that Jung Joon Young is “not that kind of person”.


He said that Jung Joon Young was often misunderstood due to his “rebellious behavior”…


…but is a better person, once you get to know him.


Fans who have circulated the clip are expressing their disappointment in Roy Kim. Some say that they wish he had listened to his parents’ advice.


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